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Wound Over the New Ground - Installation at Wönzimer - Los Angeles (2023)

110 × 86 × 56 in (280 × 218 × 142.2 cm)

Burnt burlap, Burnt wood, Hand-stitched cotton thread, Staples, Found nails, Acrylic, Char, Found palm frond with gold and black thread, Trimmed frond bases, Palm fibers, Leaf sheath fibers, Found metal fence, Custom built metal climbing spikes with brown thread, Mural

Energy, life, decay, and destruction are combined, layered, and reconfigured to find a sense of harmony within the experience of loss, embraced as a living force and immortalized as the fertile ground for creative endurance. The sutured palm tree – with its overlooked transplant history – is the natural embodiment of personal and collective resilience bound to communal identity. Through the physical excavation of the medium, Wound Over the New Ground holds on to the memories of the rituals and conversations shared with my father about Arte Povera and European Informal Art movements to which this work pays humble homage.

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