Francesca Bifulco (b.1986) is a Los Angeles based visual artist from Paestum, Southern Italy.  Bifulco’s precise stark lines push a graphical sense through the medium of painting, fluctuating between large-scale canvases, textural wooden compositions and multidimensional black box installations. Her dynamic line work simultaneously defines and blurs forms within a sentiment of controlled chaos, allowing her to crisscross the figurative and the abstract spheres. Bifulco’s subjects have spanned from crowds and their behavioral impact, to individuals affected by the cultural transformation dictated by social media, to men playing cards in a conflicted and underrepresented neighborhood of Naples, to extracting shapes from the physical environment. In her current works she turns her energy inward to explore the effects of personal loss, the force of womanhood, and delve into the social awakening derived from the systemic injustices, racism, and political turmoil in the US. Her most distinctive subject has been crowds coming together and crossing paths. Her approach to the different subjects is permeated with an anthropological perspective as an essential part of her overall creative process. Bifulco is a member of the multimedia husband-wife artist duoLA husband-wife multimedia artist duo, Card 0 Collective and has recently joined the LA based-women lead IAC (Immersive Art Collective), a coalition that empowers disadvantaged youth through creative outlets. 

Her studio is located in the Lincoln Heights area of Downtown Los Angeles. 



2007-2011 Academy of Fine Arts, BA, Visual and Performing Arts, Rome, Italy

Group Exhibitions

2022 Bermudez Projects, "Fast Forward: The Future Is Female", Los Angeles, CA

2021 LAST Projects, “Supermoon 8” curated by Liz Walsh, Los Angeles, CA

2020 MOZAIK Philantropy (virtual exhibition), “The creative reimagining”, Los Angeles, CA

2020 Stay Gallery (virtual exhibition), “Human”, Downey, CA

2020 LAST Projects, “Supermoon 3” curated by Liz Walsh, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Schomburg Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

2016 LAMAG Gallery, “Play” Los Angeles, CA

2014 WAAS Gallery “Pop Up” Dallas, TX

2014 JNA Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

2013 Associazione Heart “Atmosfere” Vimercate, Italy

2013 JNA Gallery “Bergamot Station 19th Anniversary Show" Santa Monica, CA

2013 Villa Filippini “Tracce di Contemporaneo” Besana Brianza, Italy

2013 Zona Rossa “I Cantieri Dell'Immaginario” L’Aquila, Italy

2013 CHURCH “Trusted with Altars” Los Angeles, CA

2012 WAAS Gallery “Limbo” Dallas, TX

2012 Roppongi 605 Project Space by Gallery Lara, “HIBI”, Tokyo, Japan

2012 ADC Gallery “People: Multitude-Solitude” Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ZJU Theater "Forcella Reigns: The Men Who Play Cards", Los Angeles, CA 

2015 WAAS Gallery “Inside Out Of Touch” Dallas, TX


2021 MOZAIK Flow Funders in the Arts, juror 

2020 MOZAIK Future Art Award and Honorarium

2016 LAMAG Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, "Play" Second Place, City of Los Angeles juried group exhibition

Print Media

2020 Roberto Croci, "Le vite dei neri contano, lo dicono gli art-ivisti", Il Venerdì - La Repubblica

2018 Shana Nys Dambrot, "The Italian Experience", Go LA , LA Weekly 


Web Publications

2021 Shoutout LA, "Meet Francesca Bifulco, Local Stories

2019 VoyageLA, "Meet Francesca Bifulco and Alex Schetter", Thought-Provokers series


2018 Hoyt Hilsman, "Forcella Reigns: The Men Who Play Cards" Review, Art/Medium, Riot Material


2018 No Proscenium, Everything Immersive


2018 NoHo Arts District, "Naples Comes to NoHo"


2018 Shana Nys Dambrot, Storytelling, "Artist Francesca Bifulco Evokes Napoli in NoHo", LA Weekly