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Nero Apparente 3: The Monolith (2023)

4K video with original score and activated sculpture in wood and ceramic, 8:10 minutes

Vivid is the memory of the heat radiating from the urn I was holding tightly as we were descending the hill overlooking the coast, on this day of four years ago. The unexpected forced detachment was overwhelmed by the warmth of protection. I was the one protecting him now. From the winding road, away from that feeling of absence the passage of time would have surely conspired with, I clung to the last remaining tangible form of my father in what felt like a temporary disappearance. Yet, nothing was static. Emotions and memories were pulsing, unhurriedly transforming.
The passage of time is making its way through: it is thickening my father’s presence, hardening his footprints, looking after my love for him. Time invites me to bite into life as he did. I feel no hesitation in this process now: I am exploring the substance without self-doubts. With this new work, as part of the Nero Apparente series, I pay homage to him and celebrate his essence.

To my father
My life spur
My eternal flame

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