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Nero Apparente 2: The Ties (2021)

76 x 23 x 23 in (193 x 58 x 58 cm )

Sculpture, Mixed Media, Concrete, Galvanized Steel, Acrylic, Wood, Ties, Feathers

Dedicated to my father, this piece is an homage to his ultimate hallmarks: ties. In all modesty, I would gift him the most eccentric ones, those he would wear the most, salvaged from the various thrift shops around Hollywood. He had all his ties in plain sight, hung on a pair of hangers. He liked being able to go through all of them and always pick the one that perfectly mismatched his outfit.
“Nero Apparente 2” is an ode to living life outside the box. It is about hardening love and preserving it. It is about existence outside time and space, and the ongoing survival as I mark the second anniversary of my father’s passing.

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