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As I kept building on my multimedia installation project Forcella Reigns: The Men Who Play Cards, it seemed only natural that I would produce a limited print of the Regional Neapolitan Card Deck the men in the Neapolitan neighborhood of Forcella play with, based on my own hand-painted imagery.
These entirely original decks of 40 cards are individually numbered, printed on 310gsm linen finish card stock featuring a special raised embossed gloss effect that hints at the textural nature of my work.

They are fully playable and come with an instruction booklet for my favorite and one of the most popular Italian card game, Scopa, in both English and Italian. The dragon imagery integrated in the suit of Spade/Swords is inspired by graffiti found in Forcella, where the men play cards at the same time everyday. 

An embossed gold leaf seal keeps the tuck box closed and a black velvet pouche protects it during shipping.

I hope you will enjoy playing with these cards as much as I do.


Watch the cards in action here!


Buona Scopa!

Enjoy Scopa!

Neapolitan Playing Cards | Carte da Gioco Napoletane by Bifulco

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